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Secondhand Parts

 Nigel has owned MGB's for the last 40 years and has accumulated a mountain of second hand parts. Time marches on and we now need to make some space, so the chances are that if you require a second hand part it is on the shelf ready and waiting.


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Monday to Friday
9.00 to 5.00pm
Saturday by appointment only

01945 700500

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We have many friends with MG's in Florida if you would like to see what they are up to visit www.fsmgcc.com,
you may even wish to become a member.

      Alloy wheels from     150.00

    Tried and tested 4 synchro overdrive gearbox  295.00

           Complete wire wheel back axle           200.00
           Late rear lamps                        15.00
           second Hand Rostyle wheels MGB          10.00
           Front crossmember                    100.00
           Bonnets                from         75.00
           Tailgates                from         75.00
            other Panels  ring with requirements
           Rear Brake drums                     8.50
           Second Hand seats         from         50.00
           Inlet manifold                         10.00
           4 syncro flywheel                       20.00
           4 syncro. non overdrive gearbox            75.00
           winder mechanism  n/s    late type        20.00
           Alloy rocker covers                     20.00
           GT rear seat swab ideal for Roadster        10.00

       The list goes on and on please email sales@mgbhive.co.uk or ring 01945 700500 and ask for Shane.

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