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Welcome Message from Nigel & Sandra

Nigel and Sandra wish to thank you for visiting this website. Although we are able to supply the complete range of MGB and Midget parts, panels and accessories, we have summarized the more common parts and if you are unable to find the part required, please telephone for the price and availability. At present because so many parts sourced are dollar based, we cannot guarantee the website is 100% up to date. Please ring or email for confirmation.


We believe we offer a friendly and personal service and are always happy to give advice over coffee when you visit our premises



New Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
9.00 to 5.00pm
Saturday by appointment only

Mail orders are dispatched the same day and we are able to offer very good rates for carrier delivery. Smaller parcels are sent by PO. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, postal order, Visa, Mastercard Debit card or bank transfer.

All the parts supplied by The MGB Hive are fitted, used and tested on our own cars, including the cars which are very successfully raced and are therefore supplied with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction and value for money. Where possible the parts are original equipment, part numbers are for Nicky's-MGBreference only.

The MGB Hive is also able to offer workshop facilities on site, please ring for an estimate on the work required.

Exchange items carry a surcharge if the old unit is not returned at the time of purchase. On receipt of the old unit, providing it is in a reconditionable state, a full refund will be given within twelve months of invoice date. MGB-Interior

At the time of printing, all prices are current and include VAT. Due to the present economic climate although we would like to think that the web site pricing is correct, in some instances where we are unable to absorb the price increase the price of a particular part may be subject to change. Many of the parts on the web site have not seen any price changes for years.

Customers starting a restoration project and requiring a large order of parts may be helped with extra discount. When ordering please state year, model, bumpers, wire or steel wheels and of course the side required.

We hope that we can be of service to you as we have been to so many MG owners as is shown by our MG Owners club, 5 star and 5 spanner award.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. sig1

Assuring you of the best attention at all times.

01945 700500

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We have many friends with MG's in Florida if you would like to see what they are up to visit www.fsmgcc.com,
you may even wish to become a member.

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